New Release! – Let’s Peter Out

Front CoverThe new compilation LP “Let’s Peter Out” will be released on the 16th of May on white vinyl including a download code, and it’s limited to 500 copies.
The bands are: Cemetery, Cosmetics, The Flatfield, The Harrow, Hemgraven, Komplikations, Low Sea, Metro Cult, Monument, Moth, Sally Dige, Veil of Light & XTR Human.
The tracks from Moth, Monument, Cemetery, the Harrow and Metro Cult are exclusive to this compilation. Released for the first time on vinyl are the tracks by Cosmetics, Veil of Light, Hemgraven and Low Sea
You can listen to the entire album and purchase your vinyl copy under “Releases”.

Pre-order the Peter Out Wave Now!

Under the Release section, you can now stream the entire compilation online, and it’s also available for pre-order. This is a physical release only,
and the CDs will be shipped in late June.

Nowadays, many music-scenes/subcultures have their own take on post-punk, whilst not always being aware of the similar music going on in the coexisting scenes. This compilation is a document of the most interesting current bands and in the 80′s influenced dark scene, with 17 bands from 9 countries. It’s reminiscent of the 80′s post-punk/new wave compilations that had quite a diverse mix of music, yet were still in unison.

On this compilation you’ll find both punkier tracks from Lost Tribe and Belgrado, more electronic tracks from Lebanon Hanover, Led Er Est and Agent Side Grinder, more experimental ones from Monument and Naked on the Vague, and more deathrock- oriented sounds from M!R!M and Wieze Fabryk. The tracks from Der Noir, Naked on the Vague and Svarta Hundar are previously unreleased, and the tracks by Agent Side Grinder, Wieze Fabryk and The Gaa Gaa’s appear in previously unreleased versions.

This record is compiled by Sir Henrik, DJ on Deathrock Radio and founder of Peter Out Records. The record packaging consists of a three panel digipack, and comes with a poster. The inside- cover contains photographs of those who petered out and occasionally will come back on your tv- screen…

Sir Henrik’s Gothic Pogo Setlist

Here’s the playlist for my DJ sets at Gothic Pogo Festival last weekend:

Set 1
Makthaverskan – Vi var människor från början
Svarta Hundar – Mörkt Vatten
Garbochock – Nirvana
Lost Tribe – Forever
Killing Joke – Birds on a feather
Der Noir – Desire
Monument – Station Rivenich Part I (die Tote in the Light)
Led Er Est – Lonesome XOXO
Wieze Fabryk – Poczucie Zagrozenia
Belgrado – In my head
Cosmetics – Soft Skin
Circuit 7 – Video Boys
IFA Wartburg – FDJ

Set 2
Krig I Hudik – Krig I Hudik
Angels of Liberty – Black Madonna
Die Selektion – Steine auf dein Haubt
Xmal Deutschland – Orient
Chalk Circle – Uneasy Friend
Camera Silence – Camera Silence
Cortex – Dance the Cancer
Agent Side Grinder – Telefunk
The Bellicose Minds – Walk Into Fire
Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons – Happy Funeral
MRM – O-Dio
Atari Teenage Riot – Too dead for me

Delay of release date

The release of The Peter Out Wave compilation CD is postponed, due to delay from the pressing plant, which means we’ll not receive it in time for Gothic Pogo Festival. I’m really sorry about this, and I’ll post the info about the definite release date as soon as I can. There will still be a Peter Out Records club night at the festival off course, and we’ll make sure that you pogo’ers won’t be disappointed…

A mix to peter out with

Welcome to the new home on the web for Peter Out Records!

Lots of interesting stuff will be posted here soon.
To start with, I’d like to share a mix that I recorded while preparing my DJing in Dublin. Hope you enjoy it.


This page is heavily under construction. I’m currently working on a compilation CD; “The Peter Out Wave”. Hope to get the tracklist sorted before xmas. More info will follow soon.