Agent Side Grinder

Sweden’s rocking electro monster Agent Side Grinder burst onto the scene in 2008 with their eponymous debut album. The music was an uncompromising, never-heard blend of industrial, post-punk, old style EBM and electro topped with the apocalyptic crooning of singer Kristoffer Grip. British music fanzine 20JazzFunkGreats called them a “sensation of uncomfortable pleasure”.

On their second album “Irish Recording Tape”, the band developed their musical style further. The songs were maybe more accessible, but the typical elements were intact: drilling industrial sounds, hypnotic synth sequences, feverish vocals and post-punk influenced bass lines. To quote Vice Magazine Germany: “…one of the few bands, which is actually in a position to deal with the legacy of Joy Division”. The interest in the band resulted in three European tours and an invitation to support genre forefathers Suicide. This album was also included in the Peter Out Show’s best of 2010.
In recent years, Agent Side Grinder has moved towards a bigger and more textured sound. This is evident on their latest work “Hardware”, released in early 2012. On this record, ASG once again steps into their musical time-machine, has a rendezvous with old masters such as Kraftwerk, Einsturzende Neubaten and Depeche Mode and invite them all on a reckless, rhythmic journey into a bleak future.

Their track on The Peter Out Wave is an unreleased demo version of “Telefunken” recorded on tape with 2 microphones in the rehearsal space. It has a more lo-fi sound than on the album which in this case gives it a special atmosphere.

“This version of our track Telefunk was done very spontaneous we had just been at the grand opening of a big space exhibition, later that day we had a practise session and I guess we had the space in our souls and we had a tape recorder running” (Agent Side Grinder)