Der Noir

Der Noir is an italian coldwave trio composed by Manuele Frau (vocals), Manuel Mazzenga (electric & bass guitar) and Luciano Lamanna (drummachines, synthesizers). The group formed in Roma in summer 2011 as a project for the members to create something totally different from their usual musical out-fits, in fact all the members come from as different musical fields as hiphop, black metal and psychedelic rock. Faith wanted to give a possibility to theese guys to try other ways of expression, and they began recording their debut album over a one-month period in the Audio Division’s studio where Lamanna works as sound engineer. The debut album, “A Dead Summer” came out in early 2012, and the sound result blends cold wave, dark pop, shoegaze and depressive with a focus on vocal and guitar textures. The usage of 80′s synths, drum machines and recording equipment gives the sound a particular old & cold shape.
Their track on The Peter Out Wave, “Desire” is exclusive for this compilation.

“The song is about passion and union. It talks about our unstoppable research of other’s souls through the solitude of night, that can be turned in a feast of love and pleasure, an infinite ritual that is and always will be…” (Der Noir)