Currently consisting of Nico (lead vocals/ lead guitars), Simon (rhythm guitars), Fred (bass) and Julien (drums), formed in France in 2005. They were one of the first bands to burst out of the French post punk revival. Their first demo recieved raving reviews in the press, and their music got played worldwide by alternative and goth DJs. Over time, J/D has constantly improved their sound, passing from a punkier to a more melodic and mature resonance.
Their latest album, “Sickness” (2012), marked a change in the band’s sound. They moved on from the post-punk towards a more comercial late 90′s rock sound with deep, low vocals with a twist of metallic and drawn out guitar riffs. Despite their style change, they still have a lot of support from the goth community and they are touring extensively throughout Europe.
Their track on The Peter Out Wave, “Suicide”, is taken from their latest album.

“SUICIDE is a special track from SIKNESS album which talks about individual feelings that somebody could have when he decides to give an end of his days.
The lyrics are using some images of a snake who is sliding through thoughts and try slowly to put us down. SUICIDE will be the song of the second videoclip of SICKNESS album and this video will be online current June 2012.” (Joy/Disaster)