Monument is an oldschool post-punk band from Gothenburg. Formed in 2009 as an experimental studio project by Henrik and Linda, the songwriters of the band. Soon it turned into a full live band, with a drummer, base player and trumpet player, and gigs were played in the Gothenburg area. Most recordings are still recorded with a drum machine in order to get a more 1980?s sort of static “feel” to it, and also with fx pedals on the trumpet.
In spring 2011 their first EP “Teeth & Tails” was released on 10? vinyl and digitally. It’s got airplay on various radio stations mainly in the goth scene and in clubs across europe.
Monument have had a break for a year, but will soon enter the studio to finalize their debut album “Katzenclavier”. A few local live shows will soon be booked to present some of the new material.