M!R!M, which means “My Rockin’ Mother” according to the band, was an italian deathrock band that relocated to London. After their well recieved debut EP “Enjoy Your Sorrow”, they returned with their even stronger “It’s Not Enough Anymore” EP on AF-Music. Even though they got lots of elements of the typical deathrock sounds, they add something new and intense to it.
They describe their sound as “direct, uncompromising post punk of the second generation. Music that sweeps the listener away like a dashing express train, without a stop on the next station”. The band split upin the summer of 2012.

Their track on The Peter Out Wave; “O’ Dio” is a bonus track from their recent EP.

“The song O-DIO is about hate. Indeed ODIO is an italian word that means HATE , I decided to split the word so it means also OH MY GOD (O Dio). The lyrics are really minimal; “FROZEN HEART, BLOODY VEINS”. I felt to write these two frases because the music reminded me about something really cold and aggressive. That was our emotions in that period.” (MRM)