Naked on the Vague

Naked on the Vague is a 4 peace band from Sydney with a variety of sounds. Formed in 2005 by Lucy Cliché and Matthew Hopkins, the creative force of the band. As a duo, they released their debut album in 2009 and made a US tour with Blank Dogs. Back home in Australia, they decided to become a full band and recruited Nic De Jong on bass and Lachie Hawk on drums. With this lineup they recorded their second album “Heaps of Nothing” and the highly acclaimed EP “Twelve Dark Noons”
Their sound on these two records is a mix of goth and noise rock, but now they are moving more towards an old school industrial sound. Lucy and Matthew has recently lived in Belgium for half a year to work on their new material.
Their track on The Peter Out Wave, ”Circling Eyes”, which is exclusive for the compilation, is a good example of what their next record will sound like.

“The inspiration for this track comes from the film ‘The Mask (also known as ‘The Eyes of Hell’) directed by Julian Roffman. Lucy had composed a electronic noise piece that she performed as a live score to one of the scenes from the film, at an event in Sydney in early 2012. This track is made up of Lucy’s synth/electronics piece, with additional drum programing and voice by Matthew. This track is an aural representation of one of the nightmarish, psychosis scenes in the film.”(Naked On The Vague)