Svarta Hundar

Svarta Hundar were a short lived project that formed in Gothenburg in 2011. Formed from the ashes of the locally famous punk band the Dynamite. They recorded one demo on a 4-track tape recorder that hasn’t been released yet.
The sound of Svarta Hundar can be described as typically swedish punk when it started to turn to post punk around 1980. They are also influenced by the anarchopunk bands.
Their track on The Peter Out Wave, “Mörkt Vatten”, is so far exclusive to this comp, but might be released on their demo later on.

“Linus had previously recorded the music, inspired by some old metal band. Whilelistening to the music Daniel imagined being emerged in dark water. He wrotethe lyrics with these visions in mind. Svarta hundar then recorded the song using the same equipment that Linus had used to record the music, sort of completing the circle.” (Svarta Hundar)