New Release: Rats Rest – On the Eastside EP


A new release is out today! It’s very rare to find a band that only delivers hit songs, but that’s the case with Rats Rest: a melodic 4-peace punk rock band from Kansas City with very catchy riffs and passionate raspy vocals.

Rats Rest formed in 2012, inspired by bands such as The Wipers, Dead Moon and Leatherface. This is their third 7″, and they continue to prove that they are one of today’s best and most relevant punk acts. On the Eastside has a slightly more OI! sensibility to it compared to their previous releases. Everything is very well played, yet with a dark and gritty garage sound which makes this record sound very punk and authentic. The EP consists of three Rats Rest originals and a re-worked version of a UKE OF PHILLIPS song (Ballad of the Irish Channel) which originally is a “spacey” song with lots of ukulele. These songs will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

The singer and guitarist Cinque Adams is the lyricist and principal songwriter. Cinque has previously been the frontman of Hello Shitty People and played guitar for Allergic to Bullshit and Street Legal. The Drummer of Rats Rest, Mike Wilson, is also drumming in Constant Insult and Hard Feelings.

On the Eastside is released on black vinyl in Europe by Peter Out Records and it’s limited to 500 copies. A US release will follow in July on Dead Broke Rekerrds just in time for Rats Rest’s upcoming westcoast tour.


You can listen to it and order your copy here.

Out Now: Double Echo – La Danza LP


We’re proud to announce that the 7th release from Peter Out Records is out today. La Danza is the 2nd album by the Liverpool based goth-rock band Double Echo. Formed in 2012 by Ash Lerczak (of the horror punk band Zombina and the skeletons) and Chris Luna, After their first album was released in 2013, the keyboard player Ellon Souter joined the band.


Double Echo describes La Danza as an album of melodic and very sad songs. It continues down the same path as its predecessor, but with a darker and slightly more keyboard-oriented sound, and all three band members sing a few songs each on the album. Early Clan of Xymox and the mid-80s sounds of Leeds are the most obvious influences, and the album sounds more like authentic oldschool than retro like. These eight songs has a more dreamy darkwave atmosphere than their previous work, but it is still rhythmic and danceable.

La Danza is released on black vinyl and it’s limited to 500 copies. A CD version is released by Gothic Music Records.
You can listen to it and grab your copy here:

New Hemgraven 7″


We’re really excited to announce the release of the new 7″ by Hemgraven consisting of 2 tracks; Saudade & Jag går hårt åt min kropp och tvingar den till lydnad.  “Saudade”( An untranslatable Portuguese word, meaning something close to “a feeling of nostalgia for something you know you cannot go back to”) is a melodic and sophisticated new wave-gem where the static beats and chilling synth melodies beckons you to dive deeper into the dark waters of doomed nostalgia. “Jag går hårt åt min kropp och tvingar den till lydnad” (“I subdue my body to obedience”), on the other hand, is a one-way trip into the physical world – a full- on assault of sweaty, angular and industrially tinged punk-funk where the spirit of Suicide/ Alan Vega haunts the production.

This single is released on vinyl in Europe by Peter Out Records and in the US by Mass Media Records, and it’s pressed in 500 copies on transparent vinyl. The digital single will be released by the bands own label Eldsjön.

You can listen to it and order your copy here:


Hemgraven – Sanddyner av Glas is now out on vinyl!

Hemgraven LPcover


The response to the tape by Hemgraven has been overly positive; it has received excellent reviews from bloggers in the U.S. and all over Europe, and it was also featured in a few articles as one of the most important releases of 2014.

In recent months, tracks from the cassette have been frequently played at Swedish student radio stations, and the band has been touring Sweden and Denmark.
Since the tape on Peter Out Records sold out very quickly, we decided to re-release it as a mini-LP. It is released on 12″ black vinyl limited to 300 copies.
You can listen to the record and purchase your copy here:


Release date for Hemgraven MLP


Since Hemgraven’s highly acclaimed tape “Sanddyner av glas” were sold out, we have been asked many times for a repress.

We are happy to announce its re-release as a limited edition mini-LP pressed in 300 copies. It will be out on Friday the 13th of March. These songs really sound amazing on vinyl!

You can pre-order your copy here!

Vinyl version of Hemgraven

It’s going well for Hemgraven! Their tape was sold out in November, and it made a few best

of 2014-lists on Swedish and Danish music blogs. They recently made a mini-tour in southern Sweden and Denmark. Since we had a lot of people asking for a re-release, we decided to do a vinyl version. It will be released in the end of February in 300 copies. More info about pre-orders will be posted soon.



New release: Moth LP

Moth bandcamp

The European version of Moth’s debut LP First Second will be released by Peter Out Records on Friday the 23rd of January. The release gig will be at 128:a in Gothenburg.

The Copenhagen based post-punk quartet Moth released their debut album in the US on Mass Media Records a few months ago. The record quickly sold out, and it received great reviews in Maximum Rocknroll and CVLT Nation to name but a few. The European version comes with new cover art, and it will be released in 500 copies.

Check out the release gig here.


Reviews + Hemgraven is almost sold out

Hemgraven is selling well! There’s only a few copies of the tape left by now, so if you want to get hold of it you have to act fast.
You can order the tape or the digital version under Releases.
So far the reviews has been great. Just recieved a spanish one:

Both Hemgraven and Let’s Peter Out have recieved great reviews from Totentanz in Denmark:

Some new releases are in the planning. Next one up will be the european version of Moth’s debut LP. More info soon.

Orders + Reviews

Let’s peter Out has been out for 2,5 weeks, and it’s half way sold out by now. No orders will be shipped during the coming week since we are off to Leipzig. Sir Henrik will be DJ-ing at Gothic Pogo on Friday night, and our releases will be available for purchase throughout the festival.

Last but not least, Here are a few reviews of Let’s Peter Out: