In a short period of time, Hemgraven has proved to be one of swedens most interesting and energetic bands of recent years, both live and on record, with their feet firmly rooted in the countrys history of dark 80’s new wave, while at the same time constantly looking forward. Since their highly acclaimed mini-album “Sanddyner av glas” came out on Peter Out Records, the band has been touring Sweden and Denmark, and their tunes have frequently been heard on nordic student radio stations as well as on goth dance floors around the globe.

“Saudade” (An untranslatable portuguese word, meaning something close to “a feeling of nostalgia for something you know you cannot go back to”) is a melodic and sofisticated new wave-gem where the static beats and chilling synth melodies beckons you to dive deeper into the dark waters of doomed nostalgia.

“Jag går hårt åt min kropp och tvingar den till lydnad” (“I strike a blow to my body
and subdue it to obedience”), on the other hand, is a one-way trip into the physical world – a fullon assault of sweaty, angular and industrially tinged punk-funk where the spirit of Suicide/Alan Vega haunts the production. The 7″ single is pressed in 500 copies on transparent vinyl, and it’s released in Europe by Peter Out Records and in the US by Mass Media Records. The digital single will be released by the bands own label Eldsjön.

released November 20, 2015

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