Out Now: Double Echo – La Danza LP


We’re proud to announce that the 7th release from Peter Out Records is out today. La Danza is the 2nd album by the Liverpool based goth-rock band Double Echo. Formed in 2012 by Ash Lerczak (of the horror punk band Zombina and the skeletons) and Chris Luna, After their first album was released in 2013, the keyboard player Ellon Souter joined the band.


Double Echo describes La Danza as an album of melodic and very sad songs. It continues down the same path as its predecessor, but with a darker and slightly more keyboard-oriented sound, and all three band members sing a few songs each on the album. Early Clan of Xymox and the mid-80s sounds of Leeds are the most obvious influences, and the album sounds more like authentic oldschool than retro like. These eight songs has a more dreamy darkwave atmosphere than their previous work, but it is still rhythmic and danceable.

La Danza is released on black vinyl and it’s limited to 500 copies. A CD version is released by Gothic Music Records.
You can listen to it and grab your copy here:

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