On The Eastside

It's very rare to find a band that only delivers hit songs, but that's the case with Rats Rest: a melodic 4-peace punk rock band from Kansas City with very catchy riffs and passionate raspy vocals.


Rats Rest formed in 2012, inspired by bands such as The Wipers, Dead Moon and Leatherface. This is their third 7", and they continue to prove that they are one of today's best and most relevant punk acts. On the Eastside has a slightly more OI! sensibility to it compared to their previous releases. Everything is very well played, yet with a dark and gritty garage sound which makes this record sound very punk and authentic. The EP consists of three Rats Rest originals and a re-worked version of a UKE OF PHILLIPS song (Ballad of the Irish Channel) which originally is a "spacey" song with lots of ukulele. These songs will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


Their singer and guitarist Cinque Adams is their lyricist and principal songwriter. Cinque has previously been the front man of Hello Shitty People and played guitar for Allergic to Bullshit and Street Legal. The Drummer of Rats Rest, Mike Wilson, is also drumming in Constant Insult and Hard Feelings.


On the Eastside is released on black vinyl in Europe by Peter Out Records and it's limited to 500 copies. A US release will follow in July on Dead Broke Rekerrds just in time for Rats Rest's upcoming westcoast tour.

La Danza

Formed in Liverpool in 2012 by Ash Lerczak (of the horror punk band Zombina and the skeletons) and Chris Luna, Double Echo was originally their goth-rock side project, but as they found it a lot easier to write songs as a duo with a drum machine than with their previous bands, Double Echo quickly became their main project. Within the following months, they released a few cassette EPs in which they had recorded everything on cassette to get an all analogue sound.

Their first album Phantomime came out in 2013 as a digital release, and it was well received by webzines and goth DJs around the globe. After the album release, the keyboard player Ellon Souter joined the band for their live shows, but soon she became one of the band members. Ellon is also an archaeologist, and she wrote the lyrics for a few songs on La Danza from an excavation in Cyprus.
La Danza is the second album by Double Echo, and the band describes it as an album of melodic and very sad songs. It continues down the same path as its predecessor, but with a darker and slightly more keyboard-oriented sound, and all three band members sing a few songs each on the album. Early Clan of Xymox and the mid-80s sounds of Leeds are the most obvious influences, and the album sounds more like authentic oldschool than retro like. These eight songs has a more dreamy darkwave atmosphere than their previous work, but it is still rhythmic and danceable.

La Danza is released on black vinyl and it's limited to 500 copies.

releases December 1, 2015


In a short period of time, Hemgraven has proved to be one of swedens most interesting and energetic bands of recent years, both live and on record, with their feet firmly rooted in the countrys history of dark 80’s new wave, while at the same time constantly looking forward. Since their highly acclaimed mini-album "Sanddyner av glas" came out on Peter Out Records, the band has been touring Sweden and Denmark, and their tunes have frequently been heard on nordic student radio stations as well as on goth dance floors around the globe.

"Saudade" (An untranslatable portuguese word, meaning something close to “a feeling of nostalgia for something you know you cannot go back to”) is a melodic and sofisticated new wave-gem where the static beats and chilling synth melodies beckons you to dive deeper into the dark waters of doomed nostalgia.

"Jag går hårt åt min kropp och tvingar den till lydnad" (“I strike a blow to my body
and subdue it to obedience”), on the other hand, is a one-way trip into the physical world - a fullon assault of sweaty, angular and industrially tinged punk-funk where the spirit of Suicide/Alan Vega haunts the production. The 7" single is pressed in 500 copies on transparent vinyl, and it's released in Europe by Peter Out Records and in the US by Mass Media Records. The digital single will be released by the bands own label Eldsjön.

released November 20, 2015

First Second

Moth, originally from Copenhagen, started out as a duo in late 2011 with Elli on keyboards and Patrick on vocals. Both of them were previously in Melting Walkmen, one of the first bands to emerge from the Danish postpunk revival together with Chainsaw Eaters. During Moth's first recordings in early 2012, the guitarist Kim (from Chainsaw Eaters) and the bass player Rune got involved, and the duo quickly found out that they wanted a full band in order to get a more powerful sound. With this new line- up, Moth rehearsed and recorded in Elli and Patrick’s one room flat.
After the two singles (E.P. and Luminol) Moth decided to write an album. The first thing they did was to come up with titles for all songs on the album, and from there the songs emerged on their own. They continued to write and record at home, even though the lyrics for In the Headlights were written at a cocktail bar at the beach on a Greek tourist island in 30°c.
First Second is Moth's debut album. It consists of 8 great gothy postpunk songs with a true 80's vibe. Early The Cure might be the obvious influence on this album, but besides goth and punk, Moth is also influenced by rockabilly and americana. The cover art is inspired by Polish artist Wiktor Gorka.
This LP is released in Europe by Peter Out Records in collaboration with [s^w^ðað^], and in the U.S. by Mass Media Records (500 copies respectively).

Sanddyner av glas

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Peter Out Records is releasing the second EP from Swedish post-punk outfit Hemgraven. Originally from the area of Sundsvall but now relocated to Stockholm, Hemgraven is steeped in the sound of the Stockholm new wave scene of the 80’s, recalling bands such as Imperiet, Reeperbahn, Stadion and Ståålfågel. Here, on their latest EP the sound has gotten even heavier and more gothic, with dreamy, spider-like guitar noise, icy synth leads, and pounding monotone rhythms. The cassette is released in a limited edition of 100 copies, and it comes with a doublesided mini-poster + lyric sheets with special photos for each song.

Let’s Peter Out

Front Cover


Here in the hereafter, we no longer say "Let's party", we say "Let's Peter Out". Let's put on that warped tape and lose ourselves in its eerie, melancholic and somber mood. It's hard to define the exact genre of many of these songs, or from where they came, but here in the hereafter we usually call it the Peter Out Wave.

On this record, You will be subjected to the most interesting and representative post- punk sounds from different scenes, and You'll find out that there are many new and forward- thinking bands to discover. This is the follow- up compilation to the highly acclaimed "The Peter Out Wave" (2012), and it consists of 13 bands from 9 countries.

The most notable difference since 2012 is that most of the upcoming post- punk bands today are guitar based. The darker 80's influences have grown very popular in the current punk movement and many great new bands have emerged from there. What still makes this music really interesting is that there are plenty of dynamic visions out there who've emerged from very different musical backgrounds and subcultures. It just goes to show that dreams of the past will lead you to new directions.

The compilation is released on white vinyl including a download code, and it's limited to 500 copies. It has been put together by Sir Henrik, DJ on Deathrock Radio and founder of Peter Out Records. The tracks from Moth, Monument, Cemetery, the Harrow and Metro Cult are exclusive to this compilation. Released for the first time on vinyl are the tracks by Cosmetics, Veil of Light, Hemgraven and Low Sea.



The Peter Out Wave


Nowadays, many music-scenes/subcultures have their own take on post-punk, whilst not always being aware of the similar music going on in the coexisting scenes. This compilation is a document of the most interesting current bands and in the 80's influenced dark scene, with 17 bands from 9 countries. It's reminiscent of the 80's post-punk/new wave compilations that had quite a diverse mix of music, yet were still in unison.

On this compilation you’ll find both punkier tracks from Lost Tribe and Belgrado, more electronic tracks from Lebanon Hanover, Led Er Est and Agent Side Grinder, more experimental ones from Monument and Naked on the Vague, and more deathrock- oriented sounds from M!R!M and Wieze Fabryk. The tracks from Der Noir, Naked on the Vague and Svarta Hundar are previously unreleased, and the tracks by Agent Side Grinder, Wieze Fabryk and The Gaa Gaa's appear in previously unreleased versions.

This record is a physical release only, and it's compiled by Sir Henrik, DJ on Deathrock Radio and founder of Peter Out Records. The record packaging consists of a three panel digipack, and comes with a poster. The inside- cover contains photographs of those who petered out and occasionally will come back on your tv- screen...

Teeth & Tails

Teeth & Tails


The promising Swedish gothrocker MONUMENT release their debut EP "Teeth & Tails", which offers traditional gothic rock at its best. Female vocals, dominant guitars, coated into the dark atmosphere of an early 80s gothrock release makes today's goth rocker's heart beat faster.

The vision of Monument took form in the summer of 2009, initially being a mere modest experimental recording endeavor by Henrik and Linda (the songwriters of the band), whose mutual interests in the rather odd spectrum of music brought them together. Teeth & Tails was recorded during the most dark, rainy and foggy west coast autumn/winter days. The drum machine on the Ep was utilized in order to obtain a 1980's static mood to it, whereas the fx pedals on the trumpet set the tone. Yet, the concept soon got backed up by a full live band with Jonny on drums, Fischhaber on bass and Tim on trumpet, along Henrik on guitar and Linda on vocals, and gigs were played in the Gothenburg area.

Now the swedish gothrocker MONUMENT release their debut EP "Teeth & Tails" on afmusic to spread their unique dark and impressing tunes around the world. The EP will be available as a download from February 3rd on in every well-known download store and from March 2nd on as a 10" vinyl release in the stores and via Bandcamp.